Wednesday, 20 September 2017


French and Italian consumers seem to be backing off on salty snack consumption for the occasion, according to Mintel. In 2012, 83% of French snackers and 55% of Italian snackers ate salty snacks when having aperitifs. By 2017 however, the percentage of French aperitif snackers fell by 14 points to 69% and the proportion of Italian aperitif snackers fell by 12 points, to 43%, according to Mintel’s analysts. 

It is not clear whether these consumers are moving away from the aperitif moment in general or if they are avoiding the snack element of the occasion. It is also possible that while they are still drinking and eating during aperitif occasions, they are replacing salty snacks with healthier alternatives.

In 2016, around two in five French and Italian consumers said they were prepared to change their lifestyles to be healthier: replacing salty treats with snacks they perceive to be healthier may be one change that some of them are willing to make.

When served in restaurants or bars in France or Italy, pre-dinner beverages are matched with appropriate pre-dinner snacks, which can range from elaborate cooked appetizers to quicker, ready-to-eat salty snacks such as pretzels, potato crisps or nuts. 

For at-home aperitif occasions, store-bought salty snacks provide a quick counterpoint to alcoholic beverages, and a number of snack manufacturers promote the occasion on pack.

Some manufacturers also provide on-pack suggestions about appropriate pairings of their snacks with specific beverages, making it easy for the home chef/bartender to serve a pleasing aperitif selection.  

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