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“Make the European Potato Trade Great Again!” (it’s gonna be huge, it’s gonna be great, it’s true) is the central theme of the Europatat Congress in 2017. The event is organized this year by Europatat and Belgapom and will be held June 15-17, in Antwerp, Belgium. 

PotatoBusiness asked Romain Cools, secretary general Belgapom for more exclusive details about the event.
“Though the Europatat Congress focuses on the role of the European potato trade, this conference will highlight the effect of the new European plant health directive, which will enter into effect by 2018, on the international potato sector. Part two of this seminar, on Friday 16 June 2017, will try to give an overview of the European Union’s role in facilitating trade,” Cools says, mentioning that hot topics as Brexit or international trade agreements will be followed.

Cools added that Europatat has decided to organize its annual event alternatively: one year in Brussels (to invite speakers from the EC) and the other year in one of Europatat’s member states.

“During these congresses, the topics concern potato related issues and offer more network facilities, whereas the events in Brussels are more focused on political matters. The Antwerp congress in 2017 is making use of the proximity of Brussels to go for a perfect mix,” he states.

Asked to provide more details about the involvement of Belgapom in the organizing of Europatat Congress 2017, Cools explained that the Belgian potato trade and processing industry association is unique in the European potato platform of associations as it joins two links of the potato chain.

“Both these segments of the potato sector, which have a separate section within Belgapom, have largely contributed to the success story of Belgapom, which organized the Europatat Congress in 2002 in Ostend and hopes to contribute to another successful edition in 2017. The accommodation, the congress and social program will create a unique networking event in one of Belgium’s most fascinating cities,” Cools says.

The general program of Europatat Congress 2017 can be found here.  

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