Sunday, 20 April 2014

Speakers, Topics and Field Trips Lined up for IPPSC 2012

A truly international array of speakers has been finalised for the International Potato Processing and Storage Convention next month in Riga, Latvia.

The first day (Tuesday, June 26) will feature the following speakers (listed alphabetically) and topics:
ADRIAN BRIDDON, a UK researcher on storage solutions and new developments
BARB DANIELS-LAKE, from Agri-food, Canada, on perfecting the potato
JOE GUENTHNER, a US researcher/scientist/consultant on Zebra chip and its implications
ROD HERBERT, of RJ Herbert Engineering, on 40 years of potato business and upcoming technological changes for harvesting, storage and processing.
AIGA KRAUKLE, Marketing manager & agronomist (Culinar), potato growing and processing in Latvia
IRISA MURNIECE, a Latvian agricultural researcher and scientist, giving a brief outline of the potato processing industry in Latvia
JOE SOWOKINOS, a US researcher and academic who will speak on factors affecting sugars, processing, acrylamide and colour in stored potatoes
ERROL VAN GROENEWOUD, from Omnivent, on new storage developments
HIRO YAMAMICHI, from TomTen, Japan, on ethylene storage in Japan

See all photos here: Speakers, Topics and Field Trips Lined up for IPPSC 2012

Wednesday's line up is:

ROMAN COOLS, of Belgapom, on the EU challenges for the potato processing industry
HANNE HENDRIKSEN, a Novozymes scientist, on the fight against acrylamide
ILGVARS KRUMIN, a Latvian potato processor (Latfood), on varietal variances and experiences in potato processing.
ROEL MOLENAERS, from BEST, on sorting developments and trends
IRISA MURNIECE, a Latvian researcher and academic on potato research comparing conventional to organic potatoes
ALBERT SARDO, from Xeda International, on food safety in processed potatoes
ILSE SKRABULE, a Latvian scientist and researcher, on potato breeding and research in Latvia.
SCOTT VALETTE, of Buhler Aeroglide, on sustainability and dryer design
GOVERT VAN DRUNEN, of Key technology, on equipment advances.

Thursday will see delegates offered an optional field trip to a chip processor, starch producer and a research breeding field.

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