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Your Potato Europe VIP Ticket Awaits!

As media partners of the event in Bockerode/Hanover, Germany, Potato Processing International and Potato Storage International is inviting 20 lucky readers to win VIP tickets to the fair in September 3-4.

World Map of Test Centres: Woerden

The slogan Florigo applies for the work performed within its Food Technology Center (FFTC) is: “… when Food becomes Fun!”, and starts our series of virtual tours mapping testing facilities the world over and

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture Launches Call for Innovations

The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), the event for the future of sustainable agriculture, has recently launched the Call for Innovations for next year’s event, to be held from March 9-10, 2015

World Potato Congress Inc. Appoints Three New Directors

David Thompson, President CEO, World Potato Congress Inc. (WPC Inc.) announced the appointment of Mr. Ron Gall, New Zealand; Dr. Nora Olsen, USA; and Anne Fowlie, Canada; as members of the Board

Exotic Cuts

  As consumers are increasingly chasing product diversification and the unique, exotic shapes, we’ve analyzed with Key Technology’s John Kadinger the processes involved into manufacturing them, step by step.

Supporting the Scottish Potato Industry

Supporting the Scottish Potato Industry

Potato Council has been working to raise the profile of potatoes amongst Members of the Scottish Parliam...

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture Launches Call for Innovations

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture Launches Ca...

The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), the event for the future of sustainable agricult...

Your Potato Europe VIP Ticket Awaits!

Your Potato Europe VIP Ticket Awaits!

As media partners of the event in Bockerode/Hanover, Germany, Potato Processing International and Potato...

Potato Industry Leadership Institute Accepts Applications

Potato Industry Leadership Institute Accepts Applicatio...

The National Potato Council (NPC) and the United States Potato Board (USPB) are accepting applications ...

tna Appoints New European Director of Sales

tna Appoints New European Director of Sales

Packaging and processing solutions specialist, tna, announces the promotion of James Hosford to the new...

Atlantic Grupa Expands Its Operations with a New Brand of Potato Chips

Atlantic Grupa Expands Its Operations with a New Brand ...

Atlantic Grupa has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement concerning the segment of salty sn...

Ishida Introduces Fast Snack Packing Solution

Ishida Introduces Fast Snack Packing Solution

Ishida Europe has introduced single and twin high speed snacks packing systems, comprising either a 14-...

Ishida Reveals Ultrasonic Technology

Ishida Reveals Ultrasonic Technology

Ishida Europe has introduced ultrasonic technology into its Atlas range of bagmakers.

Florigo delivers 500th Steam Peeler

Florigo delivers 500th Steam Peeler

Florigo has recently delivered its latest steam peeler technology to a large vegetable processor in Fra...

Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" Contest Finalists Announced

Lay's Do Us A Flavo...

Lay's potato chips, one of the brands from PepsiCo (http:/...

New Vertical Z Conveyor to Be Introduced at PackExpo

New Vertical Z Conve...

Dynamic Conveyor is introducing a vertical z-style conveyo...

Lay's Launches Football-Themed Flavours

Lay's Launches Footb...

Video  The leading potato chip brand from PepsiCo India la...

UK Ingredients Firm Targets Booming Food Market in Asia

UK Ingredients Firm ...

UK-based food coatings specialist Bowman Ingredients has a...

 Kiremko’s Sliver Remover Gets Upgraded

Kiremko’s Sliver Re...

The Kiremko sliver remover has undergone a major innovatio...

BioSafe Systems Introduces Complete Potato Storage Protection Programme

BioSafe Systems Intr...

Following research and development, BioSafe Systems offers...

Future Proofing Cheshire Potatoes

Future Proofing Ches...

Cheshire potato growers gathered at Aston Grange Farm near...

Sophisticated Potato Inspection

Sophisticated Potato...

Improvements in sorting machinery are aimed at many grower...

McCain Foods to Help Monitor Potato Crops with Drones

McCain Foods to Help...

Global potato processor McCain Foods is using drone techno...

Open Farm Sunday 2014 Review

Open Farm Sunday 201...

Farmers and their helpers celebrated this weekend the posi...

European Potato Processors' Association has launched its new name, EUPPA, at a European Parliament event in Brussels.

Company president of EUPPA, Kees Meijeris, yesterday told members of the European Parliament and staff members of the European Commission at the European Parliament, Brussels, the new name of the former UEITP (Union européenne des industries de transformation de pommes de terre).

Although the European potato processing industry is a young sector of the food industry, the European association was created in 1962. Since then the sector had developed to become a world player with about 12 million tonnes of potatoes (20 per cent of the total EU crop) being processed to frites, crisps, croquettes, flakes, mashed, and other potato products.

More than 25,000 employees have found a job in the industry with 550,000 tonnes of finished product being exported all over the world. Major exporters include the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium and the United States.

However the sector also has a rich tradition of marketing a wide variety of potato specialities in the various EU member states.

The first EUPPA event took place under the title ‘bringing tradition on today's plate, all over the world'. Today EUPPA represents the ‘big five' potato producers in the EU: Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom, as well as Austria, Italy, Poland and Sweden. It is also a member of the CIAA, Europe's food industry association.

Referreing to the UN international year of the potato in 2008, Meijer believes potato consumption is facing a promising future with the possibilities of the humble potato as a major world food staple have been illustrated. He added that, with China and India becoming the major fresh potato producing countries, a specific role was necessary for the processing industry in these areas.

During his presentation he also focused on a number of challenges which the sector is facing, in which he hopes the European Parliament and the Commission will take the role of the potato processing industry into consideration.

Although the potato crop is one of the few agricultural products which is not organised by a European market regime, Meijer fears the revision of the European agricultural policy in 2013 could neglect the specific role of this sector. Europe is highly competitive on the world market with its potato production - without any support or intervention - and EUPPA has invited the European policy makers to take this into account when new proposals are being worked out.

Furthermore he referred to the changes in the sugar regime which have affected the balance in the crop rotation of European arable farmers which the impact analysis carried out by the Commission did not consider.

The EUPPA president also referred to a number of measures in the framework of the EU quality policy for agricultural products to illustrate how they might increase the cost of the European potato products. He questioned the added value of mentioning the origin of raw potatoes on a bag of potato products, knowing that the production area of the EU is concentrated in at least four or five member states.

The European potato processing industry has provided an answer to the health questions asked by the Commission and Parliament. The use of liquid (healthier) oils in the food service has resulted in a positive effect on trans fat reduction. The industry has introduced new and healthier potato products on the market at a high speed. Oven fries, precooked fresh and half prepared products and mashed potatoes are some examples where nutrition, convenience and health have met.

Meijer discussed the current debate on the labelling of nutrition values on food products. He asked for more clarity and legal certainty regarding the labelling of certain processing aids. He added that after years of discussion it was still not clear whether the labelling of the use of pyrophosphate (to stabilise the colour of the products) is obligatory or not.

He also invited attendees to consider the question of the potato, fruit and vegetable sector (at least for a number of products) being able to communicate the nutrient benefits of the product to the consumers without having to pass a long and expensive procedure via EFSA.

One of the major issues affecting the image of the processed potato products is the appearance of acrylamide when heating of a number of starchy food stuffs. Although this issue affects other food sectors, the potato processors have tackled this problem in a proactive way. The sector has worked out - together with CIAA and the scientific world - a specific tool box to reduce the acrylamide content in its products. This toolbox has become a reference on the Commission's website. The outcome of a recent study carried out by the Ghent University on the effect of using a number of additives during the process will be presented at a seminar on 17 March in Ghent.

The EUPPA president also mentioned the participation of the potato processing industry in the current revision of the European plant health regime and the sustainable consumption and production, referring to the ambitious European SCP round table.

Finally he offered to provide transparency in the prices in the food supply chain. He concluded that the potato processing industry has become a global industry, without any interventions or subsidies, with the market as the most important driver. He hoped policy makers would enable this sector to continue its further development in the same way.

He added that EUPPA wants to take up the challenge to increase communication and collaboration with the Parliament and the Commission.

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