Wednesday, 29 July 2015

NPC holds 2015 Summer meeting

NPC holds 2015 Summer meeting

On July 7-9, growers and industry leaders from across the United States of America met in Kalispel...

Peru will host 10th World Potato Congress in 2018

Peru will host 10th World Potato Congress in 2018

The official announcement was made on July 15 by Alberto Maurer, head of Peru’s National Institute...

AHDB strategic potato farm open event

AHDB strategic potato farm open event

AHDB Potatoes first Strategic Potato Farm (SPot) is now established in Staffordshire. An open day ha...

Bühler Aeroglide introduces new food technologist

Bühler Aeroglide introduces new food technologist

Bühler Aeroglide, a global leader in thermal process engineering and technology for food, feed, and indus...

AHDB Next Generation group explore potato processing

AHDB Next Generation group explore potato processing

  The AHDB Potatoes ‘Next Generation’ tour kicked off in Yorkshire last month, visiting two progressiv...

TOMRA launches Spanish language website

TOMRA launches Spanish language website

TOMRA has launched a Spanish version of its website, underlining the importance of Spain and other Span...

The steps to chilled perfection

The steps to chilled perfection

  Production of frozen products, especially French fries, needs to be meticulous to end up with the ...

Key Technology introduce enhancements to Rotary systems

Key Technology introduce enhancements to Rotary systems

Key Technology introduced on July 15 its improved Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems, which include its Sl...

Next generation potato grading line from Tong

Next generation potato grading line from Tong

When one of the UK’s largest growers and producers of fresh vegetables, the Produce World Group, decide...

McCain Australia has new range of frozen potato wedges

McCain Australia has...

  McCain Australia has recently launched the new wedges ‘...

Tolsma-Grisnich and Kiremko, partnership for a new plant in China

Tolsma-Grisnich and ...

  Strategic partners Tolsma-Grisnich and Kiremko recently...

Utz Quality Foods launches Specialty Division

Utz Quality Foods la...

Utz Quality Foods, Inc. has recently announced the culmina...

Potatoes are back on WIC, a nutritional program for women, infants and children in USA

Potatoes are back on...

The National Potato Council (NPC) from USA succeeded to put ...

Exclusive interview with the director of Urschel Laboratories, Inc: The Urschel team is a very strong one

Exclusive interview ...

What began with one man's invention more than 100 years ago ...

UK Potato Council says it is a record year for seed potato exports

UK Potato Council sa...

  Seed potato exports are booming, with the latest figure...

Indian Government will procure 6,600 tones of potato from farmers

Indian Government wi...

The State Government announced its decision to procure 6,6...

Company launches a new solution for potato sprouting

Company launches a n...

  BioSafe Systems announces the introduction of ARRET Spr...

Seed Industry Event conference tackles key industry concerns

Seed Industry Event ...

The recent Seed Industry Event, organized by British Potato ...

Armenia registered an important growth in potato exports in 2014

Armenia registered a...

Armenian potato exports totaled about 20,600 tons, compared ...

Fairtrade is cementing its position as a market leader in ethical labels and a trusted brand across 24 countries, according to a comprehensive global study of 17,000 consumers carried out for Fairtrade International by international opinion research consultancy GlobeScan.

The study showed that Fairtrade is the most widely recognized ethical label globally.

Nearly six in ten consumers (57%) across the 24 surveyed countries have seen the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark.

Recognition has increased by six points to 65 percent in the 15 main tracking countries since the study was first conducted in 2008.

More than 80 percent of consumers recognize the Mark in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and Finland.

This visibility together with a high level of trust enables consumers to have confidence in the choices they make: more than six in ten consumers (64%) globally say they trust the FAIRTRADE Mark.

The more familiar people are with Fairtrade, the more they trust it.

Nine in ten consumers who recognize the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark regard it as a trusted

When asked if a branded product that they normally buy began carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark, eight in ten consumers (79%) say it would have a positive impact on their impression of the brand.

Half of consumers (48% - asked in five countries) say they are more likely to buy specific brands carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Six out of ten consumers (59%) feel empowered to make a difference through their shopping choices.

But they also have high expectations of companies in combating poverty - 79 percent worldwide say companies can play an important role in reducing poverty through the
way they do business.

Consumers' top concerns are fair pay for farmers and workers and product safety: a full 85 percent of consumers say these issues are important for companies
and their suppliers in their dealings with poor countries.

At the same time, consumers connect Fairtrade with a consistent message of clear benefits to farmers and workers.

Sixty-four percent of those familiar with the FAIRTRADE Mark associate it with helping farmers and workers in poor countries escape poverty.

Sixty-one percent who are familiar associate Fairtrade with "a fair price paid to producers" and "helping
producers in poor countries access global markets".

Consumers' confidence in Fairtrade is translated into their purchases - shoppers spent €4.36 billion on Fairtrade products in 2010, up by 28 percent.

Consumers tripled their Fairtrade purchases in Czech Republic (386%), South Africa (315%) and Australia and New
Zealand (258%).

Shoppers bought an impressive 47 percent more in Fairtrade's largest market, the United Kingdom (UK).

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