Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Although French fries are still responsible for the largest share of frozen processed potatoes in Eastern Europe, the category has seen many alternative launches over the last five years.


The potato chip was created in the USA, while the potato itself originates from South America. What are the similarities between those two huge markets today regarding this tuberous crop? And what are the differences? 


Price remains an important factor for European consumers, when deciding to purchase innovative potato snacks, however it is flavor that has become more important recently. On the other hand, in the US, the convenience channel is driving the majority of sales for small size SKUs.


The food business is hugely dependent on consumer demands and processors, while equipment manufacturers must adapt accordingly to stay ahead of the game. Andre Erasmus examines some changes and adaptations that have taken place in the cooking field.


The UK’s Brexit vote to leave the European Union has dominated the headlines since the end of June, but what will the effect on the potato industry be? 

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