Thursday, 21 September 2017


Recent research, coupled with the revival trend for potato varieties that have been more or less forgotten, has driven the industry to test a variety of new types of tubers. Each of them has its own characteristics which make it suitable for different processed products. PotatoBusiness asked Arnaud Jansse, applications engineer at Florigo Industry (tna solutions) what potato varieties are best suited for the creation of chips. 


The growing popularity of batch-fried chips have driven equipment producers to step up their game and provide processors with innovative solutions to accommodate this growing niche of premium products. 


Emerging markets have provided double-digit returns for McDonalds as sales begin to decline in the US and Europe. McDonalds (MCD) has expanded aggressively in countries such as Malaysia, South Korea and China. 


With the development of proportional product distribution and On-Machine Seasoning (OMS) systems, food processors now have the tools to perfectly season their products. OMS moves seasoning application from the production floor to the packaging room.


On the occasion of interpack, packaging and processing solutions provider tna celebrated its 35th anniversary. Below is an exclusive interview with the company’s co-founder Alf Taylor, about tna’s evolution and changes in the industry that occurred during the last 35 years.

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