Thursday, 21 September 2017


Kiremko presents a new sliver remover system that effectively eliminates more than 98% of all cutting waste of the product.

Whether a company is producing French fry sticks, dice, wedges or slices, unwanted pieces will be separated from the product and removed from the potato process, according to Kiremko.

The stainless steel sorting rollers of the Kiremko sliver remover have a unique groove profile. The diameter of the rollers and their rotational speed ensure an optimal sorting result.

The Kiremko sliver remover is maintenance-free, because the drives are mounted inside the closed sorting rollers. Thanks to a sophisticated use of plastic bearings and the lack of chains and chain wheels mean that lubrication is not needed. The cleaning of the machine is very simple thanks to a completely open construction.

The new Kiremko sliver remover is available in three models, with capacities of 10 to 20 tons per hour. The adjusting mechanism is continuously adjustable from 3 to 16 mm clearance opening. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with the ability to adjust the rolls remotely. That means there is a suitable solution for every processing line. The water and energy use is low, so the return on investment for the Kiremko sliver remover is short.

Kiremko is a Dutch engineering company, which designs, manufactures and installs complete processing lines, factory upgrades and capacity expansions, as well as stand-alone equipment. 

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