Saturday, 15 December 2018

INS, the decentralized ecosystem for the grocery market, has announced that leading potato processing company, Aviko intends to be listed on the INS Ecosystem, joining the direct-to-consumer movement. 

Peter Fedchenkov, INS Founder explained that inequitable pricing, retailer influence and a lack of transparency are all major concerns for both manufacturers and consumers and the direct-to-consumer movement is on the agenda of FMCG companies everywhere. “A direct marketplace powered by emerging technology brings us ever closer to not only addressing these concerns but solving inherent problems within the grocery sector. We are elated with the interest we have received to date from manufacturers worldwide who also wish to evolve their current processes, strengthening the obvious need for the direct-to-consumer movement. We are both delighted and eager to collaborate with Aviko, a company who is just as passionate about this movement as we are,” added Fedchenkov.

Aiming to disrupt the USD8.5tn global grocery market, the INS Ecosystem connects manufacturers directly with consumers with a goal to make groceries more affordable for consumers. INS has received strong industry support, with confirmed interest from some of the largest manufacturers globally as well as independent suppliers from the UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Russia and other countries. INS was founded by the creators of Instamart, the largest venture-backed online grocery delivery operator in Russia.

Within the INS ecosystem, manufacturers will be able to list and sell products directly to consumers, gain customer feedback, and reward customers. INS’s smart contracts power loyalty programs and their innovative use of blockchain enables an efficient, transparent supply chain. The INS native token serves as a method to power direct manufacturer-to-consumer loyalty programs and can additionally be used as a means of payment.

“Given that manufacturers around the globe can already buy our potato products directly through the Aviko online platform, we are delighted to be partnering with INS so that we can now bring this option to the everyday consumer. Not only will this collaboration assist us in reaching new markets and expand our reach, but now we can really begin to understand our customer’s needs in a more direct and personal way,” said Mohammed Essa, Aviko’s commercial director for UK and Ireland.  

A market leader since 1962, and operating in more than 110 countries, Aviko is one of the largest potato processors in Europe. Aviko has more than 12 production locations throughout Europe and China. 

In partnering with INS Ecosystem, Aviko joins a number of large manufacturers such as 2 Sisters Storteboom, Dubro, Valio, Capebe and Borjomi who have all expressed formal interest in joining the ecosystem in the future. In total, over five hundred manufacturers around the globe are actively exploring the possibility of using INS to sell their products directly to consumers.

With a 24% share of the European market, Aviko is a subsidiary of Royal Cosun, a key player in the global food industry with an annual turnover of EUR2bn. 

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