Monday, 19 March 2018


US potato and potato product exports grew 4.58% in volume and 4.63% in value in 2017 compared to 2016. 

The 1,763,235 metric tons in total exports sets another calendar year record.  This growth occurred across all categories with fresh potato exports leading the way up 6%, seed potato exports were reported up 225%, but much of this was misclassified fresh exports.

Exports of dehydrated potato products was up 3% with frozen and chip exports both up 1%. On a fresh weight equivalent (fwe) basis frozen potatoes still account for 53% of the total, with dehy at 24% and fresh 15%. 

Japan remains the largest market receiving 688,161 fwe metric tons, followed by Canada 658,201 MT and Mexico at 554,461 MT.  South Korea is now the 4th largest market at 193,783 MT with the Philippines at 167,919 MT.

Details on imports can be found compiled by Trade Stats Northwest: 

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