Monday, 22 October 2018


The NEPG (North West European Potato Growers' Group) estimates that the top 5 producing countries will plant 0.4% more potato acreage compared to last year.

Current stocks are high, but due to delayed planting and the late onset of market rush, NEPG expects the current season for the processing industry to be longer than usual. For the fresh market, the situation should be similar.

NEPG expects a very divided market in the coming months: on the one hand, higher quality lots for a higher price, and on the other, the poorer quality at lower prices and almost without demand.

NEPG hopes there will be enough potatoes suitable for fries at the finish of the season.

All countries report relatively late plantings. On the continent, the works are almost completed, while in the UK only half was done in the first week from May. France, Belgium and Germany have increased their areas, while the Netherlands has reportedly reduced by 2.5%. Great Britain does not yet have an estimate, it is the average of the 5 recent years that has been used to estimate the 2018 interim area.

NEPG increased 0.4% from last year, up 6.7% from the average of 5 recent years, which exceeds the growth of the processing industry. The availability of seedlings encouraged plantations, as well as the higher demand for contracts from processing plants, and the lack of alternatives for the farmer (because of the low prices of sugar beets and cereals). 

Based on these estimates, a total of 585,600 ha would be planted this year in NEPG. In several countries (France and Germany), the trend is to produce fewer potatoes for fresh market and more industrial potatoes (ie higher yielding varieties).

From the average yield of the last 5 years, the 2018 production could be 4% lower than last year (year of (very) high yield)).

There is also a development of starch potato surfaces in Germany, France and the Netherlands. These areas are not included in the NEPG estimates.  

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