Monday, 19 November 2018


Mintel’s global analysts predict the food and drink trends consumers can expect at parties and celebrations this summer season, as it publishes its 2018 Summer Food & Drink Trends.

New Mintel research indicates that snacks which are designed to be a companion to beer are poised to do especially well this summer. The combination of alcohol and salty snacks is nothing new, yet just under half (46%) of UK beer drinkers would like to see more information about matching food with beer. Similarly, many consumers are looking for bold and interesting flavors: 50% of Brazilian snackers agree that unusual/exotic flavors of salty snacks are appealing, while 36% of US consumers say they would buy more crisps if there are new flavors to try.

Ayisha Koyenikan, Global Food & Drink Analyst, said: “When it comes to snacking, this summer will see strong flavors and textures that are specifically designed to go with alcohol that, no doubt, will be popular during the World Cup and barbecues alike. Snacks that have strong textures and flavors hold up particularly well with beer and other alcohol and, thus, will win in popularity this summer.”

Snack brand launches that aim to satisfy with sound, intense flavor and texture include the Pringles Loud range, launched in 2017 in the US, and the Walkers Max Strong range, launched in the UK in early 2018. The term “loud” is intended to convey the bold texture and flavors of the Pringles and the word “strong” alludes to the ridged texture or intense spicy flavors of the Walkers range. These strong textures and flavors hold up particularly well with beer and other alcohol. Indeed, the Max Strong range even bears the slogan “perfect with beer” in large letters on its packaging. Bold and intense crisps will be the perfect match for any World Cup viewing party this summer, not to mention just sitting on the porch and having a beer with mates, says Mintel. 

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