Monday, 19 November 2018


Better Made has recently extended its reach beyond the American state Michigan, according to a news release. The states included are Florida, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Missouri, Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, Nevada, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Mississippi. 

The distribution increase is attributed to the rise of small distributors who respond to demand from Michiganders who left the state.

"When we started in the Internet, we were trying to help people in Michigan send chips to Arizona, Florida, California," said Sam Cipriano, whose father founded Better Made. "But then people in Florida were ordering them to send to other people in Florida, so we could tell there was demand."

The company expects the brand to expand in more states later this year.

“We are starting to get a real foothold in several new states with smaller distributors, and are expecting to grow each market and add new states this year. The growth is due in part to our loyal customers living out of state and the desire for niche brands across the country,” Cipriano said.

In 1930, the family-owned company was founded as Cross and Peters in Detroit by the late Peter Cipriano and Cross Moceri. 

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