Monday, 22 October 2018


The total volume of potatoes sold at retail outlets in the U.S. was down 3.2% in June 2018 compared to June 2017, though the value increased 1.1% by 4.8% in price per pound, according to Potatoes USA. 

The overall decline in sales was driven by a 5.9% fall in fresh potato volume, an 11.4% decrease in deli prepared sides, a 1% drop for potato chips and a 3.6% decline for canned potatoes. On the positive side, the volume of frozen sales was up 2.6%, refrigerated up 2% and dehydrated potatoes up 0.9%.

Yellows, reds, whites and purples increase while russets see big decline: for fresh potato sales, all varieties saw increased volume in June except russets which were off by 10.9% though russets did see an 11.4% increase in price per pound which led to sales value down less than 1%. Yellow volume was up 7.8%, whites up 3.8%, purple/blues up 39.5% and reds up 1.5%. The volume of fresh potatoes sold in 1-4-pound bags were up 5.2% while all other package sizes declined, with 10-pound bags and over 10-pound bags recording the biggest drops with declines of 15.4% and 12.7% respectively.

Potatoes USA continues to promote eating potatoes in the U.S., by launching a new campaign to encourage consumption as a fuel for athletic performance. The campaign titled "What Are You Eating?" features athletes preparing and eating potatoes to perform at their personal best. The campaign is part of the broader performance strategy adopted by Potatoes USA. This strategy is changing the conversation about potatoes to one that focuses on why people should eat potatoes - because potatoes fuel performance; athletic and lifestyle. Potatoes provide the complex carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin C, fibers and proteins.  

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