Monday, 19 November 2018


Chunky chips are off the menu at bars, restaurants and traditional fish and chip shops in the UK, after the hot summer caused a small potato crop. 

The vegetables are smaller than usual this year due to a lack of rain, meaning chips are smaller, prices are going up and, in some cases, sweet potatoes are being used instead, reports.

Larger types of potato barely grew over the summer, with the popular Maris Piper variety particularly badly affected.

The chips are down at Fish! in Borough Market, which has a fish and chip stand favored by tourists visiting The Shard and the famous market.

Nick Melmoth-Coombes, the executive chef at the restaurant told The Telegraph: "The potatoes are coming out smaller because of the drought in July and August. We buy our potatoes off a company that just finished harvesting this week but they think it’s 15 to 20% down this year. The width is still there but the length isn’t what it was last year - I'd say the chips are around 10% shorter.”

The manager at Golden Union fish and chip shop in Kings Cross said they had similar issues, commenting: "It has been quite difficult to source big enough potatoes for our chips, yes, it’s been a really hard year."

Rob Clayton, strategy director for AHDB potatoes confirmed the crop has been affected by the extreme weather, telling The Telegraph: "Consumers will see smaller potatoes, anyone looking for the big bakers will find they're a little bit smaller. You're going to see duller and scabbier potatoes, price-wise, it might be a few pence per kilo increase. The main impact you've got is the size, you aren't going to have super long chips and big bakers."

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