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For seven days, between November 12 and 18, at Agritechnica 2017, high-caliber manufacturers and service providers will present new brand concepts and innovations in the cropping and storage sectors.   

In Hanover, Germany, the potato storage specialist Omnivent is launching a new line of OmniFans with the Permanent Magnet (PM) engine techniques, which presents many advantages such as improved sustainability and energy efficiency. To be prepared for the future development of higher efficiency techniques there is the need to introduce a “renewed” engine technique called Permanent Magnet. “Especially this technique will bring us efficiency, flexibility and durability, for now and the long-term future,” says the producer.

Tolsma-Grisnich will also be present at this event. This year the company will be featuring the new modules for the Vision Control storage computer (Energy Management and Yield Observation Unit), and the App 1.0, Sample Analyzer, TTV HE fan, MV09 grading machine, and new 5M temperature sensor, among others.

The Vision Control is an intelligent storage computer that regulates temperature, relative air humidity and CO2content during storage by controlling fans, hatches, stoves and mechanical cooling in an intelligent and effective way. By virtue of its new modules, Vision Control is the hub of the storage facility.

Using the new Tolsma App 1.0 users can remotely read the storage computer (temperature, RH, hours of operation, statuses as well as alarms/failures for controlled groups).

Potato harvester producer GRIMME will present at Agritechnica 2017 a completely redesigned harvester with an AirSep, for the first time. In addition to this, visitors will find a wide range of interesting new and further developments.

Potato machine manufacturer AVR presents the AVR Spirit 5200, a simple and efficient harvester. Its drive has deliberately been designed to be uncomplicated, and the sieving and pintle webs are mechanically driven. The Spirit 5200 is the latest addition to the range and it stays true to AVR’s basic principles for efficient potato harvesting: a machine of solid construction that ensures potato-friendly harvesting.

Innovation Award 2017

Agritechnica Innovation Award is handed to the winners at the show every two years.

An independent expert committee appointed by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) determined the winners of the Innovation Award Agritechnica from among 320 approved applications for product innovations, based on stringent criteria.

At this year’s edition, GRIMME will be awarded with a silver medal for its Ventor 4150 – self-propelled four-row potato harvester with world-leading lifting system that doubles capacity.

The development of high-capacity potato harvesters for higher performance and efficiencies is limited by the sheer physical size of the machines and the 3.5 m road width restriction, according to the producers.

Grimme has now implemented its extremely gentle soil and haulm web system on the Ventor 4150 potato harvester, a four-row and self-propelled machine that stays within the 3.5 m transport limit. The two intake web lines that feed the tubers into the machine are followed by a first web that is made up of two separate belts. These are followed by a second endless and steep elevator web with a wide-mesh and pegged trash removing web. At the end of the line, the two streams of crop leave their individual systems and flow into the trash separation units on the right- and left-hand side, which offer sufficient capacity and stepless adjustment to ensure high throughputs and very gentle crop treatment.

A folding mechanism (patent applied) folds the two trash separation units into the machine so it does not exceed the transport width of 3.5 meters.

Technical program at Agritechnica 

Under the guiding theme “Green Future – Smart Technology”, forward-looking technologies and development trends that enable sustainable increases in agricultural productivity will be presented, according to the organizers.

International conferences and seminars at Agritechnica offer visitors an overview and exchange on the latest international developments and trends of agricultural machinery and equipment. 

Conferences and meetings at a glance:

75. International Conference LAND.TECHNIK – AgEng 2017: The international Conference presents the current developments in agricultural engineering and latest research findings.

Ag Machinery International - Access to emerging markets:

Iran, Zambia and Ethiopia in focus – Will the prophecies hold true?

Ukraine, Russia and China in focus – Potential for large-scale farming

South-East Asia in focus – Will Western brands find their place?

Potential in the agriculture of Ukraine - Visions of Ukrainian agriculture

At the discussion event representatives from Ukrainian agriculture will present their visions for the sustainable development of agriculture

Seed Congress:

Breeders and agricultural engineering manufacturers will discuss the potential of modern varieties and which technical solutions are promising.

Forum program at Agritechnica: DLG’s expert forums provide opportunities to discuss current and international topics with experts.

The forums cover issues spanning science, business, consultancy services and agricultural practice.  

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