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Some 20 exhibitors will be showing practical solutions for organic potato cultivation at PotatoEurope2018, which takes place September 12-13, at Springe, near Hanover, Germany, as part of the special "Organic Potatoes Meeting Point" feature.

"We are very pleased that 184 exhibitors from 13 countries have registered so far, which is about 10 percent more than at this stage in 2014," said Peter Grothues, managing director of the DLG Exhibitions Department, the organizers of the event. Grothues added that the high level of international participation at PotatoEurope 2018 was particularly pleasing. “More than 70 exhibitors, about 40%, are attending from outside Germany,” he said. “With 38 companies registered, the Netherlands is well represented, but there will be organizations from other European countries, and also from China and New Zealand. This excellent registration result confirms the status of this special event as the international meeting place of the entire potato industry in 2018,” said Grothues.

At the event, visitors will able to learn about the latest farming practices and market opportunities in their sector, the organizers say.

The focus will be on organic conversion and specialist advice, research results, equipment and machinery, as well as marketing channels for the crop.

Mechanical weed control in potato crops requires a lot of know-how, and this year PotatoEurope will present a special demonstration of machines used for this important task. Farmers who grow the crop successfully can achieve good revenues; in 2016, 124,000 tons of organic potatoes were marketed in Germany, but 17% had to be imported because of a shortfall in supplies from Germany.

The special "Organic Potatoes Meeting Point" is organized by the Ökolandbau Niedersachsen Competence Center (KÖN). Organic associations and scientific institutes will also be represented during the event.

Other highlights at PotatoEurope 2018 include the "Optoelectronics" special feature, where the focus will be on live demonstrations showing optoelectronic sorting of unwashed potatoes. Manufacturers will show systems for agricultural businesses that allow foreign body sorting, sorting according to size and other defined quality parameters.

In addition, the DLG, in cooperation with the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony, Dethlingen Experimental Station and the SEG (Lower Saxony Seed Producers Association) will present a special feature on alternative herbicide reduction procedures. Different chemical crop protection strategies will be compared in the test field with various mechanical weeding processes such as flails or plucking and cutting. Visitors will also be able to compare combinations of different processes, as well as seeing the effects of thermal weeding processes, whether using flames or electric current.

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