Monday, 19 November 2018


Well known equipment producers and potato processors took part in  the Kiremko Masterclasses on October 23, at the company’s plant in Montfoort, the Netherlands.

With this out-of-the box format Kiremko and her strategic partners aspired to organize a one-day event that would create an interactive platform for the guests and experts  from different fields to share information, exchange ideas and talk about the future of the potato industry in a broader sense.

The masterclasses with topics like “Factory of the Future”, Opportunities in Energy Saving” and “Coating, the Future?”, touched a lot of topics that are important for potato processing companies and other affiliated businesses.

For each of the Masterclasses, the attendees were invited to vote on a set of statements through an internet app and to publicly substantiate their answers.

For example, the attendees at the “Opportunities in Energy Saving” Masterclass were asked to give feedback on whether they consider sustainable energy a main part of their future business success.

“We are now investing in sustainable technologies and preparing for more competitive factories for the next 20 years. I think if you now invest in that way, this will ensure the success of your business. You can profit in a better way if you invest in sustainable factories,” – said one of the participants.

The “Factory of the Future” Masterclass had as a goal to inspire the attendees and also to get feedback on what can be done with industry 4.0 in the potato industry.

Gemma Smolders, managing engineering and innovation at Kiremko, explained that for the company, the factory of the future is actually part of the entire chain. She added that the food processing chain, from the beginning to the end, is already very demanding, as the consumer of the final product wants transparency regarding their food.

“The consumer wants transparency. He or she wants to know whether we produce sustainably. We are able to do so. We are changing our processes from engineering to product development, which actually uses a multidisciplinary team of industrial automation, food technology and also mechanical engineering,” she said. Smolders added that sharing (process)data is very important but  for this exchange of data there needs to be trust and a good explanation and context on how the data is used, which is valuable for the complete business chain.

The third Masterclass, on the coating process and coating equipment, provide answers to questions such: “What are the trends for the coming years?” and “What are the most important factors when the batter is prepared?” The attendees debated issues such batter viscosity and the types of mixers necessary to prepare the ingredients for coating French fries.

The event was preceded by a presentation of TED speaker Ruud Veltenaar, about climate change and the way businesses have to deal with tomorrow’s  environmental challenges.

Kiremko will continue the Masterclasses next year, with a new set of subjects that relate to the food processing community and affiliated branches. 

Photo source: Kiremko, Marina Kemp 

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