Monday, 20 August 2018


Unloading potatoes in a processing plant might be a challenge for any equipment producer. To learn how to best handle this first and important step in potato processing, Potato Business Digital spoke with specialists from Haith, Tong and Charlottetown Metal Products (CMP), who shared insights.


Not long ago, it was mostly large multinational potato processors with deep pockets and technical sophistication that could adopt advanced process control and monitoring systems for the purpose of creating competitive advantages. Now, as the cost of these systems falls and ease of use rises, even the smallest regional processors are rapidly joining the game and leveling the playing field.


In this interview with Françoise Saint-Ghislain (pictured), marketing director of Lutosa, we discuss trends and innovation in processed potato products.


Innovation is key in the frozen fries specialties, according to Mohammed Essa (pictured), commercial director, Aviko UK & Ireland, with whom I talked in this interview about new products, market behavior and strategy. 

Global food processors, packers and growers are in the middle of a technological revolution. Innovations are helping optimize yields, reduce waste and maximize profits like never before, from precision agriculture to automated sensor-based sorting systems. But there is still much more to come.

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