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The continued growth in popularity of mashed potato as a meal accompaniment (usually positioned as an alternative to products such as chips, French fries, wedges and jacket potatoes) in many parts of the world is likely to offer opportunities to manufacturers within the next few years.

According to analyst Jonathan Thomas, in the UK, for example, mashed potato has long been recognized as a suitable accompaniment to sausages, as evidenced by the popularity of Bangers & Mash within the national palate. According to data from The Great British Sausage Report (which was based on a poll of 1,000 adults), mashed potato was ranked as the number one accompaniment to sausages amongst the UK population, way ahead of chips.

More recent data indicates that Bangers & Mash ranks as one of the UK’s favorite comfort foods. More people appear to be turning towards comfort foods within the present uncertain political and economic climate, as well as for reasons such as experiencing cold or inclement weather or feeling stressed, worried, anxious, tired or sad. A 2017 survey carried out by OnePoll of 2,000 adults to find the UK’s favorite comfort foods ranked Bangers & Mash within the top 10, as can be seen from the results listed below:

Table 1: UK’s Favorite Comfort Foods, 2017

Rank      Meal/Food

1.            Pizza

2.            Fish & chips

3.            Bacon sandwich

4.            Full English Breakfast

5.            Burger & chips

6.            Roast dinner

7.            Beans on toast

8.            Bangers & mash

9.            Pasta

10.          Scrambled eggs on toast

Source: OnePoll

Similar results were recorded within a recent survey carried out for the Discover Cornwall Food & Drink Guide. This ranked Bangers & Mash as the seventh favorite in a top 40 listing of traditional British foods. Although Bangers & Mash scored less highly than meals such as fish & chips, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and a Full English Breakfast, it was preferred to other British staples such as cream teas, crumpets and Shepherd’s Pie, the latter of which it should be noted usually features mashed potato as a topping.

For many of the world’s leading operators, instant mashed potato forms part of a range of dehydrated potato products, such as flakes. Although customers within the foodservice industry are believed to account for the bulk of supply, many are also present within the retail sector, as consumers become more inclined to seeking out alternative meal accompaniments to some of the traditional favorites.

You can read more of this article in the July-August issue of Potato Processing International! 

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