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Frozen potato-based products remain attractive for the European consumer. The most interesting aspect to observe is that while retail recorded steady figures or even small decreases during the last five years, the frozen potatoes category in foodservice consistently rose in many of the analyzed countries.

By Ioana Oancea

To find in-depth information regarding the European frozen potato market, we asked Euromonitor to assist with data. The research company offered an overview of all types of frozen potato-based products, such as French fries/chips, croquettes, potato waffles, mashed potato in Europe.

Despite the fact that the Western countries form a mature market, they recorded growth on almost each segment – on value, volume and impressive rise in the foodservice sales volumes.

For the latest five years, the Western countries recorded an important growth in terms of value, from EUR2.90bn in 2013 to Eur2.96bn in 2017. From the analyzed countries, only the UK has registered an insignificant decrease, but all other countries are on a positive trend. For example, the market value in France rose from EUR588m in 2013 to EUR619m in 2017, while in Germany, it grew from EUR437m to EUR451m, for the same period. In terms of volume, most Western countries recorded insignificant decreases, the only exception being Germany, which recorded a slight increase.

With regards to the Eastern European countries, one can observe that the market value grew for Romania and Hungary, from EUR19.8m to 20.1m, respectively from EUR17m to EUR18.4m. At the same time, the figures for Poland, Czech Republic or Russia decreased slowly. As for volumes sold, Poland is the only Eastern country which registered a small growth.

Taking a look at foodservice volumes (‘000 tons), it is noticeable that this grew from 1,903.7 in 2013 to 1,938.8 for Western Europe and from 239.8 to 250.7 for Eastern Europe. Spain, Germany and Russia have the most important rises on this segment.

Concerning market share, companies such as Royal Cosun, McCain Foods, Farm Frites, Bidcorp Group and Bit ZAO are the top frozen potato producers in the Western countries, while McCain Foods, Nomad Foods, William Jackson Food Group, Stöver Unternehmensgruppe and Royal Cosun compete for supremacy in the Eastern Europe. 

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