Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Indian company ITC Ltd has entered the fresh fruits and vegetables market under the “Farmland” brand of products by launching value-added potatoes such as low sugar varieties, potatoes with antioxidants, baby potatoes and French fries. 

The company claims these potatoes are naturally low in fat and sugar with fat content below 0.2% and sugar level below 2% respectively, according to economictimes.indiatimes.com.

ITC plans to work with the Indian Council for Agricultural Research - Central Potato Research Institute to build the buzz of nutritional benefits of potatoes and dispel some of the myths around it, according to a company release. 

ITC's agri and IT business group head S Sivakumar said Farmland will provide yet another win-win for the consumers by serving their emerging need for safe and nutritious fruits and vegetables and open up a new value-added market segment for the Indian farmers. He said the products will be launched at highly competitive prices at 10-15% over local price. 

The company plans to sell the products through organized retail, e-commerce and even neighborhood vegetable vendors. Previously, ITC announced they would enter the packaged fruits and vegetables grown scientifically, following good agricultural practices across segments in frozen, dehydrated and fresh form. 

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