Monday, 22 October 2018


The new Shake Shake range which was introduced by McCain Foods this month has added seasonings such as Chicken or Salt & Vinegar to their frozen chip range.

“Our research found that 95% of the frozen potato category is being consumed as part of a main meal. We wanted to shake things up in the category by giving the potato a chance to take center stage and become a key snacking solution,” McCain Foods Product Manager, Simone Formisano, according to

Each bag of “Shake Shake” comes with a seasoning sachet that consumers pour into the bag, shake up, and then tip onto a tray to bake. About 20 minutes later, the chips are ready to eaten from a bowl.

The flavor sachets, all enhancing the natural taste of potato, are provided separately giving consumers the option to customize the amount of seasoning desired.

Formisano says: “Snack-based dinners, enjoyed on the couch or around the coffee table are currently trending, and we saw an opportunity to take Australia’s favorite flavors into the freezer aisle.”

The Shake Shake range comes in three classic snack chip varieties; Chicken, Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion, and is available in all major supermarkets nationally.

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