Monday, 20 August 2018


Branston has recently launched new items in the fresh prepared products aisle of more than 500 main Tesco stores this spring, following demand from consumers.

Cheesy chips and sweet potato fries are among some of the new products.

Sweet potato fries will feature in more than 250 Tesco Express stores as more customers look to recreate restaurant quality meals at home.

Penny Francis, head of category at Branston, said: “The convenience sector is growing as a whole and we’re seeing consumers’ demands being heavily influenced by social media and restaurant trends, such as the growing popularity of premium burger restaurants and ‘loaded fries’ at American-style diners.

The 300g sweet potato fries come in a clear plastic tray all ready to be tipped out onto a baking tray to get a lovely crispy cook. The 440g cheesy chips are in a foil tray that goes straight into the oven to bake.

"Millennials in particular are driving the convenience trend, they are vocal about what and how they eat using social media as a way to project themselves and what they stand for through food,” continued Penny.

“They are often more adventurous with their shopping and the new cheesy chips product meets demand for the emerging trend of ‘loading’ or ‘pimping’ an otherwise basic side dish, elevating it to a treat, main meal solution. Sweet potato products have been growing in popularity for a while and our fresh fries offer restaurant style and quality.” 

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