Monday, 19 November 2018


A new potato chip factory has begun production in Spain, the region of Valderredible in Cantabria. Following an investment of EUR220k (USD255k), the facility will also offer guided tours. The region of Valderredible claims to have “the best potatoes in the world” and the factory will produce for the premium market, according to the local press.

The Vallucas potato factory will employ five people directly, for manufacturing, management and the commercial department. The number of employees is expected to double within a year.

Vallucas, a name given to the women of the region of Valderredible, provides its commercial name to this new brand that will sell potatoes collected from the Valderredible area, with a controlled cultivation in origin from seed.

The potato chips are made using a completely handmade process of frying in Alto Oleico (high oleic) sunflower oil and a touch of Sea Salt, so as not to modify the taste of the traditional Valderredible potato.

The Vallucas potato factory will start producing more than 50,000 units initially. The inauguration of the facility was done in the presence of the president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revill and Francisco Martín, Minister of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism; the of Valderredible, Fernando Fernández was also in attendance. 

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