Sunday, 19 August 2018


PepsiCo Ukraine, one of the largest producers of food and beverages, is considering the localization of production of Lay’s chips.

“To further meet the demand of consumers, PepsiCo Ukraine is working to improve the efficiency of work. Localization of production is one of the ways. To this end, we are studying and analyzing the Ukrainian agrarian sector, its potential,” the press service of the company told Interfax-Ukraine.

PepsiCo produces chips under the Lay’s brand in Poland.

PepsiCo in Ukraine owns five enterprises: a plant for processing fruits, vegetables and juice production (Mykolaiv region), a plant for production of juices, carbonated drinks and cold tea (Mykolaiv region), Kharkiv Dairy Plant (Kharkiv), Kyiv Dairy Plant (Kyiv region), where Agusha baby food factory, launched in 2012, is also located. 

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