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Potato processor Farm Frites has launched a new concept for its range of French fries, named Shake Your Fries. The main target is made up of consumers looking for something different.

"The concept is very simple. You create fries in our specially designed box, we deliver a spice mix and the consumer can sprinkle it to taste and shake it for the desired result," explains Sabine van der Zwet, market manager at Farm Frites, according to

Farm Frites developed Shake Your Fries in collaboration with SnackPoint. "We have been working with Farm Frites for almost 24 years. It is our largest supplier and together we continuously look at developments in the market. Consumers are far from satisfied with a bag of fries and four snacks. They expect innovations. We sat down with Farm Frites and then this idea came out ", says formula director Roger Gielen.

The Shake Your Fries concept is available exclusively at all SnackPoint stores in The Netherlands, for the first three months. “We are already selling 1000 shakers a day at 87 branches, which is quite a lot. It is the younger generation in particular who appreciates this concept, meant to upgrade the current offer,” explains Gielen.

During the first weeks since the introduction of the new concept, the foodservice chain prices the Shake Your Fries portion at EUR2.5. Later on, the price will rise to EUR2.95. Gielen explains that it is important to continue to surprise consumers with new products. 

According to the company, the concept is also very suitable for Quick Oven Fries serving bags, which means that cinemas and service stations can also incorporate it. “In short, we still see many possibilities within foodservice,” said Farm Frites.

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