Monday, 10 December 2018


Omnivent launches a new line of OmniFans with the Permanent Magnet (PM) engine techniques which presents many advantages as improved sustainability and energy efficiency.

The new line will be launched at Agritechnoca in Hannover, Germany, November 12-18.

The new regulations have pushed for higher efficiency techniques in engine drives from IE1 class to IE3 class, according to Omnivent, and in the future, the norms will only get tighter and thus more challenging. At this moment these higher classes can be obtained by a better AC engine technique, EC technique, SRM technique or PM technique. For the AC technique the highest possible efficiency will be around the IE4 standard and is therefore almost on the end of its lifecycle, Omnivent explains.

In previous years, the EC technique was adopted and installed successfully. To be prepared for the future development of higher efficiency techniques there is the need to introduce a “renewed” engine technique called Permanent Magnet. “Especially this technique will bring us efficiency, flexibility and durability for now and the long-term future,” says the producer.

Omnivent’s new line of OmniFans with the PM engine techniques has the following advantages: 

-          Continuity: the biggest producers of electrical engines supply this engine (Siemens, ABB, Cantoni, Marathon etc) 

-          Flexibility: an engine with standard model (IEC), thus easy to replace with a different supplier or newer technique in the far future. 

-          Engine Power: high power range available, thus more flexibility in creating efficient fans. 

-          Maintenance: Robust design on the moving parts, therefore very resilient against load which can be common in the agricultural environment (dusty/CIPC environment) they need to perform in. Resulting in less maintenance and service (equal to what we are used to in AC servicing levels).

-          Maintenance: speed regulator independent from engine and therefore less cost when service is needed when regulator is built into engine. IE4 class and thus can be applicable to local sustainability funding programs.

-          Investment: same level as the other speed controlled fan options

-          Future: a big R&D capacity available by the big producers, therefore the future of this technique is very robust. 

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