Monday, 10 December 2018


Tolsma-Grisnich has recently commissioned new grading machines at Golden-Geest-Kartoffeln Erzeugergesellschaft mbH in Germany.

The company specializes in growing and storing potatoes for the processing industry. 

Hans-Christian Gerdesmeijer reports: “Our original grading machine needed to be replaced. We wanted to operate an installation with increased capacity. Whereas we could previously process a maximum of 35 tons/h, we can now handle up to 47 tons/h with a new grading machine. We consequently benefit from an enhanced reserve in terms of capacity. The installation’s life cycle was a major decision-making factor.” 

In addition to capacity and machine life, another very special reason led Golden Geest to opt for Tolsma-Grisnich.

Golden Geest imposed that the new installation be installed within 24 hours, including dismantling of the former grading machine. Gerdesmeijer relates. “In addition, the system had to be connected to our data processing system within the same time frame, which requires in-depth expertise on this technology.”

Tolsma-Grisnich’s technical team finally managed the operation within 14 hours, including a test run of the installation. “It was all perfectly organized”, says Hans-Christian. 

Now that the installation is up and running, all major functions are operated by means of an intelligent control. The grading system allows total variable adjustment and the grading decks are fitted with a non-eccentric drive. Furthermore, product flow-through is totally free from obstacles.

The grading machine’s required long life cycle is guaranteed, among other features, by the integral use of stainless steel materials. The grading sieves and grading deck are all made of stainless steel, as are the sieve cleaner, doors and guard panels. In addition, the sieve cleaner comes in a galvanized version. The installation frame also features a galvanized layer. The grader drive is protected from getting wet during cleaning.  

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