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Heat and Control presents its range of potato preparation solutions, with the lower cost of ownership providing cost effective and improved product output.

Heat and Control offers a two stage batch peel of potatoes in a single chamber, complete in a modular design that provides increased volume flexibility and control systems management for both initial set-up and for volume fluctuations.

This module provides processors with an opportunity to upgrade to a two stage peeling system in an easy to install and commission manner with a design that is ideal for lines with space restrictions. The benefits of a two stage peeling are wide reaching.

The results include uniformly smooth product surface, less waste during peeling process, more efficient slicing, and cleaner fryer operation and increased yield. For fresh potato applications, it minimizes the usage and carry-over of anti-oxidants onto finished product, and promotes a more stable product color.

The two stage single chamber peeler exposes potato to both coarse and fine grit and with recipe management via the operator control panel, changing the grit peel time parameters will improve results. Minimization of peel loss, less aggressive peeling, reduction of over-peeling and an overall better finish can be achieved. The peeling chamber is a single cylindrical peeling chamber internally lined with both coarse and fine grit and with a centrifugal force coupled with elevation of the base inside the chamber, the peel is removed first at coarse grit and secondly at fine before a tangential discharge.

The control panel provides recipe changes direct from the user interface (screen) to suit factors such as potato type and potato quality and the operator has the flexibility to create their own recipes; determine total cycle time and time of exposure to each grit type when required. Processors are seeking efficiencies that improve operations and the cleaning process.

A modular design was developed that addressed these goals plus allows for faster installation, reduced site plumbing and wiring costs and quick commissioning. Safety is also improved with the ability to service peelers without dangerous activities like wheeling/moving peelers around the factory or putting them on the floor for liner removal. 

One peeler can be safely serviced/maintained; liners can be changed while the line continues to operate. The modular design provides options for number of peeling chambers to match volume load for first install (single chamber, one twin (two chambers) or up to three twin chambers) plus provides the ability to increase the number of chambers to meet future volume increases. Chambers can also be de-activated if volume is decreased.

This integrated peeling system includes infeed and outfeed conveyors, weigh hoppers and gates, discharge conveyor, wiring, plumbing, field devices and safety systems all pre-assembled and tested. The module has been designed for easy cleaning and maintenance with ready access to all parts of the system to minimize downtime. Specifically, the module features an overhead gantry that assists in providing easy access for liner change outs by allowing staff to easily remove the liner of one peeler while the line is running, and transfer it to a convenient location for forklift or trolley pickup. 

Depending on the fryer load capacity and module configuration, module capacity options include; a twin system suitable for a PC21 (2100lbs/952kg per hour); a two-by -twin system suitable for a PC36 (3600lbs/1633kg per hour); and a three by twin systems suitable for a PC50 (5000lbs/2268kg per hour).  

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