Monday, 20 August 2018


tna has introduced the tna intelli-sys iPS 3, a fully integrated, high-performance data collection and reporting tool to provide manufacturers with unprecedented insights into all their production processes.

With the new tna intelli-sys iPS 3 software, food manufacturers will be able to use a single, standardized platform to collate, visualize and evaluate live and historical information from every part of the production chain and across multiple locations.

By integrating data from every process and at every site in a single-plant management system, the tna intelli-sys iPS 3 increases visibility, reduces administrative tasks, optimizes processes and improves traceability, resulting in a smarter, more transparent and ultimately more profitable manufacturing process.

tna’s integrated Production System (iPS) easily integrates with all existing tna and third party equipment. 

The tna intelli-sys iPS 3 provides users with the ultimate visibility over every step of the production line, either locally or remotely through a simple, user-friendly web-capable interface. Thanks to the system’s real-time data acquisition capabilities, faults are detected much more quickly than humanly possible.

The collation of detailed historical data, such as batch scheduling, tracking and tracing can be used for both internal communication purposes, but also as an external tool to prove regulatory compliance.

“Inefficiencies in the food processing industry are vast and can occur at every stage of the production cycle,” comments Chris Jones, product manager - controls, tna. “A lot of times, these efficiencies are caused by miscommunication between plant management and the production floor. Our new tna intelli-sys iPS 3 is a huge step up in the evolution of real-time data management technology as it ensures that all departments have access to the same set of data.” 

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