Saturday, 15 December 2018


Precision Food Innovations (PFI) has introduced a new horizontal motion conveyor, PURmotion, with new sanitation features. 

PFI engineers and designers used the recently-released Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) guidelines when they built the new PURmotion horizontal motion conveyor. Constructed to possess up-to-date sanitary standards, the PURmotion makes it easy to access every piece of the equipment. The open, solid structural framing lacks any hollow tubing making it nearly impossible for germs and bacteria to hide, according to the company.  

The PURmotion’s critical components have an IP69K rating, which means sanitizing with close range high pressure and high temperature spray downs no longer poses promblems. This rating also means that dust and debris ingress are also prevented.

Besides being able to withstand the toughest of sanitizing conditions, the PURmotion is simple to clean with easy to remove side panels.

“Patents are pending on PURmotion features that allow operators to precisely control feed rates and have the ability to nearly instantaneously changing the direction of product flow without stopping the machine and disrupting upstream or downstream operations. In addition, there is no ramp-up time when an operator does need to stop and start, and even when fully loaded, starting and stopping will not damage the equipment,” the company says.

They continue saying that the PURmotion uses gentle conveying and it is proper for coated and fragile products. Other products recommended for the PURmotion are agglomerated powders and extruded, flaked or pelletized products. The PURmotion keeps product in its lane and does not cause product to move or bounce around in the pan.

Concluding the press release, the company also says that the PURmotion, as with all of PFI’s products, is easily customizable. Options include a variety of lengths, covers and gates, as well as being ceiling or floor mounted. The PURmotion can easily be integrated into existing or new food processing systems.  

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